The Smart Elderly Lady

A Young guy with a perfect body and six pack found himself unemployed, so in order earn some money he put a sign outside the door of his flat…

  • In bed – £100.00
  • On the couch – £50.00
  • On the floor – £25.00
  • Not long after that an elderly woman walks passed his door…
    She stops to read the sign, and then quite thoughtful goes back home… There she decides to break her piggy bank and take the few savings she had left…
    and with the money she heads back to the young man’s flat..



    The young man opens the door and the old lady hands him the money, the boy touched by this, gives her a peck on the cheek and after counting the money tells her:
    There is £100.00 here so you wanna do it in bed?

    The old lady replies…
    Don’t be naive young man, i wanna do it 4 times on the floor!!!

    😯 Never underestimate senior citizens 😯

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    1. Comedy Plus says:

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      Bwahahahahaha. You can’t fool old people. Bwahahahahahaha. 🙂

    2. Zezebel@Sabahan Bloggers Club says:

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      Hahahahahaha…. Why did he put that stupid ads…. 😉

    3. Lainy says:

      ROTFLMAO! Never underestimate old people’s ingenuity, LOL!

    4. Enfotainer says:

      4 times on the floor? LOL

      And Steve, the pic was hilarious too, just gave me a creep how the guy did 4 times on the floor..LMAO

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      That was hillarious except when i thought about the visual I almost vomitted LMFAO

    6. Don E. Chute says:

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      @ 175 it would have gotten her 1 roll in all 3 places…but I guess 4 on the floor beats a straight anytime.

      Myself I’m as good as I once was…but I’m only once, as I ever was.

      Happy Trails…

    7. hehe says:

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      Hahahaha funny! Of course this would happen! What did he expect :P?

    8. Steve says:

      Darn it! The guy is undercutting my rates.

      Have a great day!

    9. Greg says:

      He didn’t think this one through to well, now did he. I’ve given you an award Steve. Check out my next post.

      I always love coming by your blog. Love the Jokes!

    10. Haha, if he had spent some time thinking about this, he might have saved himself some trouble. Hilarious!

    11. Russ says:

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      Another thumbs up for your joke Steve.LOL I was thinking about a little service over here. Not many men. I am the youngest. I come to you.LOL

    12. Art of RetroCollage says:

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      Never underestimate the power of an older woman!