The Sneezer

laugh3A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first class section of an airplane. The woman sneezed, took out a tissue, gently wiped her nose, and then visibly shuddered for ten or fifteen seconds. The man went back to reading his book. A few minutes later, the woman sneezed again, took a tissue, wiped her nose, and then shuddered violently once more.

Although assuming the woman might have a cold, the man was still curious about the shuddering. A few minutes passed when the woman sneezed yet again. As before she took a tissue, wiped her nose, her body shaking even more than before.

Unable to restrain his curiosity, the man turned to the woman and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you have sneezed three times, wiped your nose, and then shuddered violently. Are you okay?”

The woman replied, “I am sorry if I disturbed you. I have a rare medical condition. Whenever I sneeze, I have an orgasm.”

The man, more than a bit embarrassed, was still curious. “I have never heard of that condition before,” he saidโ€ฆ”Are you taking anything for it?” The woman nodded. and said “Black pepper.”

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  1. I enjoy taking hot pepper myself.

    I’ve been away for awhile. On Monday I was enjoying your music Monday when all of a sudden my computer when crazy. It took me a day & and a half to figure out what was wrong. I probably was your fantastic music Steveo. Have a great afternoon my friend. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

    • stevebethere says:

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      I am sure you do like taking pepper Pauleo LOLOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      I promise it wasn’t me that crashed your PC LOL what was it did you find out Mr Cornetto? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I wasn’t able to figure out what the problem was. All I did was push the button that said ” Refresh ” and after that everything came back. If I knew that was all I had to do, I would have done it. As you can see, I’m not that good with things about the computer.
        See ya tomorrow my friend.

        Cruisin Paul

  2. Cascia Talbert says:

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    That is a good one, like usual! I always enjoy your witty humor.

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  3. Rhonda Albom says:

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    The cure is worse than the disease ๐Ÿ™‚