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    funny I did actually notice that too! and wtf she needs a bra too, those are going a bit low

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  2. Lainy says:

    I always end up shocked or amused everytime I get to read your posts or in thus case view the photos ,Steve 😉

  3. Comedy Plus says:

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    Okay Steve, I couldn’t get past that rack to even see or not see a seat belt. I never know what to expect over here. Never. 😉

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  4. Greg says:

    What am I missing something? I guess you have to be over sixty…

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  5. Russ says:

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    Now as a dirty old man I could say a lot of different things. Should I just say she needs a blanket to rap up in and leave it at that? No I am sixty four. I think she needs me to wrap up in.LOL

  6. Don E. Chute says:

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    I thought she would be texting on her iphone…Or asking “mind if I smoke”…I would be expecting a, “Do I look fat in this dress?”…

    Oh my goodness sakes, I just noticed she may not be wearing a bra!

    By the look on her face, I can tell she’s thinking, “how much will my sugar daddy spend on me today?”.

    Crap, I’m only coming up on 52…

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    Hmm. Is there any other thing in that picture that should be noticed by men?
    LOL!! Just kidding. 🙂

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  8. Colleen Dick says:

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    You think that just cuz a guy turns 60 he stops noticing those things ? All my dirty old uncles and their mates make me doubt this.

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    Oh yeah!! There is great chance of an accident.

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