Tittertastic Sunday – The Organs

The organs of the body were having a meeting to see who would be in charge.

Brain “I should be in charge because I am the smartest.”
Heart “I should be in charge because I am the most important.”
Stomach “I should be in charge because you would all starve without me.”
Bottom “I should be in charge because without me you can’t get rid of waste.”
All other organs “you are just a stupid bum you can’t be in charge!”
With that the bottom closed shut and would not open, after some time the stomach was in serious pain, the blood was toxic and the heart and brain could take no more pain, so they all agreed that the bottom could be in charge. Moral of the story; you don’t have to be the smartest or the most important to be in charge you just have to be an a**hole. 😯

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  1. I do believe the ass is the most important part of person. A person can’t be an a**hole without it. See ya Steveo.

    Cruisin Paul

    PS Hey my friend, take good care of yourself. You are an important person for everybody including me. Rest and do what your doctor says.
    See ya

  2. messymimi says:

    This, unfortunately, is very true!