Treble EC Credits for 100th Advertiser On bethere2day: UPDATED!

A while back i received a gift off of a fellow blogger Sourav from Gadget World for being his 100th ec advertiser on his blog , what a pleasant surprise! so much so i have decided to do something similar and seeings that I’m not far from the 100th advertiser on bethere2day and just as a thank you and to give something back.

So, what i propose to do is whatever the 100th advertiser pays to advertise on here the prize will be TREBLE ec credits back, so if you pay 512ec credits to advertise here and your the 100th advertiser you will get (hang on a sec let me just work that out)….1536ec credits back, but if you pay 2ec credits to advertise you will get (hang on a sec let me just work that out)….6ec credits it’s mind boggling what you could do with those 6 extra credits. 😯


Congratulations! to Wilmaryad from Gay Arab Guy for being the 100th advertiser here, awarded treble EC credits of the price of the ad bought 🙂

😉 Thanks to all advertisers 🙂

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  1. MarilynsMoney says:

    What a nice incentive to advertise, clever, clever, great idea. Since I’m getting close to that I may do that too!

  2. Sourav @ Tech N Blogging says:

    Twitter ID:

    Wow! That’s a pleasant surprise for me too…I mean the acknowledgement. I am honored by this gesture (and thanks for the link love too :P) . Going to try my luck now….

    • stevebethere says:

      @ Sourav
      Cheers! least i could do 😉

      your comments are always welcome, thanks