UK Election May 6th

Well the worst kept secret is out the election is may 6th, so the election campaign will be in full swing in a few days i am quite looking forward to the 3 televised debates among the 3 leaders purely to hear the crap and false promises pour out of their mouth’s honestly these people have the front of Selfridges, it’s just a shame it’s all under tight rules apparently, probably just in case someone in the studio asks an awkward question that requires a straight and honest answer because let’s face it the word “truth” is not in a politicians vocabulary.

So now not since the last election and local elections they will be knocking on our doors and canvasing in our local areas not forgetting tv ads in abundance pleading for our votes with their empty promises, strange cos any other time they couldn’t give 2 hoots about us.

Personally i am so disillusioned with the lot of them especially after the expenses fiasco i really don’t want to vote for any of them seems now if you vote for these appalling people they think it’s a green light to spend and buy exactly what they want and live a luxurious lifestyle and happily hand an invoice in for the taxpayer to pay for it all, disgraceful, no matter what though the next few weeks will be interesting even if it’s just to listen to them talking a load of balls. No offense Ed.

Last word on this, sadly i feel it’s a duty to vote but suddenly dressing from a suit to casual clothes trying to be cool or involving wives and how they look etc will not sway my vote only straight talking and honesty might but that will never happen.

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