Under The Influence

A man was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery and his wife was sitting by his side. His eyes fluttered open and he said, ‘You’re beautiful.’ Then he fell asleep again.
His wife had never heard him say that before, so she stayed by his side. A few minutes later his eyes fluttered open and he said, ‘You’re cute.’
The wife was disappointed because instead of ‘beautiful,’ it was now ‘cute.’
She asked, ‘What happened to beautiful?’
The man replied, ‘The drugs are wearing off.’

😉 Have a great day wherever you are 😉

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  1. Comedy Plus says:

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    And then he died. Such a sad ending. Bwahahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. iTunes App Blog says:

    Guess what’ll he say after the drug completely wears off…hahaha

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    Pretty lame joke, but I giggled anyway.

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    ha ha ha ha…. what can wife do now..??

  5. Alpha-jokes says:

    Great Joke !!

  6. Don E. Chute says:


    Little does he know the Wife has been self medicating the entire Marriage…

    Aloha From Sunny South Florida!

  7. Zach says:

    This gave me chuckles! LOL

  8. Thanks for this cute joke.