What A Carry On | More Saucy Postcards

Remembering The Old Saucy British Seaside Postcards ~ Part Two

Hugely popular and full of on the edge innuendo often with the same humour as the Carry On films, available at every British seaside resort during the late 50’s 60’s and 70’s till fading away i think due to the declining quality from the originals and of course the pc brigade.

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

Saucy Postcard

😯 Have a saucy week 😯

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    Everyone a classic, they sure don’t make them like that nowadays.

    I use to love watching those Carry On films when I was youngster, Barbara Windsor in her younger days was a goddess…

  2. Donald McGill was the “king” of saucy seaside postcards. In 1954 he was charged under the Obscene Publications Act when the government decided to have a clampdown on public morals. Charged and found guilty. His postcards are now collectors’ items and sometimes quite valuable.

    • stevebethere says:

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      @ Sheila
      Thanks for that, when you think about it now it’s all so ridiculous isn’t it.

      I appreciated your feedback and stopping by 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    The Carry On movies were pretty raunchy for their day. I used to love the Dave Allen Show growing up.

  4. ramaraobobby says:

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    Oh boy those were the days when cartoon channels and comics ruled! really funny stuff..thanks for sharing

  5. Grampy says:

    I don’t remember any of those cartoons. But they are funny. Maybe you guys are older than me.LOL Actually probably because I am in the USA.
    Thanks for the chuckles.

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    They had a great article about the old moving picture ‘what the butler saw’ machines on the One show a few weeks ago. It’s amazing what passes for saucy compared to what’s out there these days! How times have changed 🙂

    Thanks for posting

  7. Marg says:

    I do remember some of those and they are all very cute and funny. Nice to have a good laugh this morning. Hope you have a marvelous Monday.

  8. stevebethere says:

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    @ Marg
    LOL Marg “Marvelous Monday” sounded comical 🙂

  9. Why can’t government crack down on Iraq invaders, like Bush and that Tony Blair instead of a guy making jokes? I guess that proves that if the crime is big enough, you won’t get prosecuted. These were very funny though.

  10. Greg says:

    I hope you have more parts to the series Steve, cause they are hilarious!