When You Call British Telecom

“You will need to set aside at least two hours”

Friday Rant

So you decide to change your phone line rental to another company easy yes? well no not in the UK it isn’t i have never experienced anything like it, and being it was two major communication companies you would think seeings communicating is their expertise they would be able to communicate but no they seem to find it very difficult, yes for those that know you have guessed right it’s our good old friends BT (British Telecom) and Sky.

For anyone in UK who is still unfortunate enough to be with BT and you want to change something in your package whether it be phone or broadband be careful because if your one of the lucky ones to actually get though and speak with someone beware they will use any excuse to re-start your contract and lock you in for another 12/18 months i wouldn’t put it passed them if you sneeze or break wind while your talking to them they would use that as an excuse to start you on a new contract. 🙂

All i wanted to do is to change my phone line rental fron BT to Sky, but apart from just trying to get this simple task done the biggest hurdle is actually getting through to them in the first place, both companies procedure were similar but the following is based on BT.

Getting through to these imbeciles is a complete nightmare it goes something like this:

Ringgg! Ringgg!

“Hello your through to BT, all calls made to BT and by BT may be recorded to improve our service to you” –

Press 1 if your calling from the number you are contacting us about,
Press 2 if you want to join BT,
Press 3 If your already a BT customer and you want to upgrade to one of our fantastic broadband packages
Press 4 if you want to leave BT
Press 5 if your already with BT and have a fault including receiving calls or making calls,
Press 6 if you are inquiring about a repair,
Press 9 to hear the options again

you press your option then it starts all over with another load of options

Press 1 if you want to hear ways of checking your fault
Press 2 if you want to speak to an agent,

so you have pressed 2 to speak to someone and you hear

“I am sorry BT is very busy at the moment but you are very important to us”,

Press 1 if you want us to return your call within 30 minutes
Press 2 if you want to hold on for an agent

so you press 2 then you hear

Press 1 if you want to take part in our survey our customers are very important to us,
Press 2 if you want to hold to speak to someone,

it actually starts ringing, that’s when the wait starts and so does the monotonous music which sounded like they got for 50p in a bargain basement, by then your going deaf and feeling exhausted your praying to hear the following

Press 1 if you want to go and make a big mug of frothy coffee
Press 2 when your back
Press 3 if you want an ambulance due to earache extreme irritation and repetitive button pressing.

then when you finally do actually speak to someone rather than sort your problem out they are more interested in trying to sell you their products cheaper.

Anyway i won’t go into the actual problem i was trying to get them to sort out because you will also end up needing an ambulance too.

Needless to say after nine weeks of having to continually call them and going through the above every single time, the problem never got sorted.

Although i added a bit of sarcasm and humour to the post i can assure you i was seconds away from being admitted to hospital for stress and confusion.

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  1. Thankfully nowadays I don’t have to suffer BT…they sound as bad as trying to get a real person from Royal Mail to talk on the phone! I use Virgin for my mobile and broadband and their customer service is remarkably good.

    • stevebethere says:

      It turned out there is a marker on my line (which took 9 weeks for them to actually tell me this, anyway it turned out to be my BE broadband who are going to start offering phone line rental from around September so makes sense to go with them.

      I must say that when i did get someone at BT who could be bothered they did try and help but unfortunately that wasn’t very often, i will be glad to see the back of them.

      Thanks for your feedback