Wordless Wednesday ~ I Name That Boat?

Not yet wordless,but she will be..

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Wordless Wednesday

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29 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday ~ I Name That Boat?”

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  1. Comedy Plus
    Twitter ID:

    Oh he’s going to get it for sure. For sure. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. mizhelle
    Twitter ID:

    wehehehe happy WW!

  3. Ha, that made me laugh!

  4. Shanna Bailes
    Twitter ID:

    Too Funny!!!

  5. rotflol! dead man painting 😉

  6. Indrani
    Twitter ID:

    She is in for a shock. 🙂

  7. Will says:

    Uh Oh! 😉

    Happy WW!

  8. HAHAHAAAAAAA!!! LOVE it!! 🙂

  9. Ask Ms Recipe
    Twitter ID:

    Too Funny 🙂 Love your funny comics

  10. A Mom's Choice
    Twitter ID:

    OMG, I cannot imagine my partner doing that to me. I’d have to run the other direction. Luckily I know better. 🙂 Thanks for posting

  11. haha… he’d better watch his. 😉

  12. Maria @ LSS says:


    Happy WW!

    Mine’s here.

  13. Oh no. Someone’s ass will be kicked.

  14. Art of RetroCollage
    Twitter ID:

    Just try that on me!

  15. ……. and that’s when the fight began! hahahahaha!!

  16. I hope she has a sense of humour or he would have be squashed like a flea…

  17. Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook says:

    He is in such big trouble!

  18. Con Artist Trickster
    Twitter ID:

    Hahaha… He’s so a dead man. LOL!
    Have a terrific WW! 🙂

  19. gtyyup says:

    Sometimes men just aren’t very smart!!! LOL…thanks for the laugh~

  20. Evelyn
    Twitter ID:


  21. Russ
    Twitter ID:

    I think someone is a hell of a lot of trouble.

  22. Art of RetroCollage
    Twitter ID:

    I hope she’s not thinking they’re happily married! Hehe!

  23. Jon says:

    I like that, my sort of humour.

  24. Don E. Chute
    Twitter ID:

    I don’t know…No matter how much junk was in the trunk…I don’t think I would name a boat, ‘Lard Ass’.

    Gives me the feeling of some bad MOJO!

    Stay Dry…

  25. Sam @ Weekend Getaways says:

    Lard Ass….how funny!!

  26. Colleen Dick
    Twitter ID:

    He must have changed his mind and named it after himself. Men are such egomaniacs.

  27. Enfotainer says:

    LOL…that was a really daring hubby, I’d say.

  28. bingkaycoy says:

    So funny!

  29. Lainy says:

    Hahahaha! Wordless indeed! Pardon my being so late, Steve. LOL!