WordPress 3.0 Have You Updated Yet?

WordPress 3.0 is available has any of you WordPress users updated to it yet and have you encountered any problems or was it a smooth ride.

The new features etc look good i won’t go on about that as i am sure you have read it all.

I personally haven’t updated this site yet as i know their is a conflict within Thesis which i have to look into before upgrading.


June 28 2010

Well i found the fix on the Thesis forums backed everything up, applied the fix, crossed everything possible and upgraded and all worked fine,

Anyone passing by that also uses Thesis and haven’t upgrade yet it will be the custom file editor that needs fixing, using ftp navigate to

thesis_17/lib/admin/ and edit the admin.php file just put
at the start of line 42 and It’s fixed, you should now be able to access the themes custom file editor as usual.

Or you can visit the thread at DIYthemes forums (thanks to them) and grab the modified admin.php file to upload to save editing the old one, the above fix is also in the same thread and explained in more detail.

So far i in general haven’t encountered any problems with WordPress 3.0 itself yet but i am sure i will be shouting from the rooftops if i do.

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  1. papabear says:

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    One problem that I encountered so far is that the spell check is not working…

  2. Megaman says:

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    I decided to wait until I heard if others have had any problems, knowing that the spell checker isn’t working. well for me that’s good enough for me.

    Anybody know of any other problems?

    • stevebethere says:

      @Megaman – welcome back,

      It seems like for some the spell checker works and for others it don’t. 😯

      {UPDATE} – Spellchecker works, you can tell because i spelled spellchecker right 😉

  3. Sourav @ Tech N Blogging says:

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    I haven’t updated yet. I think I will update to 3.0 when the 3.1 version comes out.

    • stevebethere says:

      @Sourav – Although i have only just upgraded apart from my theme issue i have not encountered any problems with 3.0 yet

  4. guru online says:

    WordPress 3.0 is better than the previous version, because I’ve tried and distinguish between versions 2.xx to version 3.0