WordPress Database Cleanup

Have you ever noticed that your WordPress blog is running slow or checked your post revisions?, a couple of months ago i was horrified to see the amount of post revisions that had amassed over time so i went on the rampage trying to find out how to delete them, i found a plugin called Delete Revision read the info installed and activated it it found over a thousand can’t remember the exact amount as my memory is appalling, so i took a deep breath and went ahead and deleted them.

I thought great problem solved but it wasn’t enough i decided i wanted to to do a bit more and clean the database because it occurred to me that the slowness could also be improved, so i went back on the rampage and done some research (you can tell I’m not wordpress savvy) i found a brilliant site WPMUDEV that has an article on optimizing your database called
How To Optimize A WordPress Database great post with clear instructions which i was able to do ok and voila slowness eradicated.

But although it was quite straight forward to do i wasn’t happy doing it because knowing me at some point i would click the wrong thing and boom I’m blogless, i was reading through the comments in that post recently and Lee Kahoong of Myblog2day said he used WP Optimize plugin so i have started using it myself it does everything for you without you even touching your database.