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Plugins for WordPress are a must if you are like me and are a bit dubious of getting your hands dirty and dipping into the code, although since i have been using Thesis theme i have learned a lot from the Thesis community and i am still learning.

This blog is still reliant on quite a few plugins although i tend to stick to the ones listed here because this combination doesn’t seem to affect the sites speed much.


A share/save/bookmark plugin with plenty of options.


A must to keep any spam in check and works great

Broken Link Checker

A handy tool if you have a lot of links it automatically monitors for any problem links for instance if it finds any broken links you can use the tool to unlink it.


You can submit your blog URL here
Comment luv.com and when you comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs, you will be able to choose from a variety from your last posts.

Display Widgets

I find this plugin very useful you can choose what pages to include widgets simply by ticking the boxes it adds within each widget without touching a bit of code.

Do Follow

The dofollow plugin for WordPress lets you remove the evil nofollow attribute from your comments.

FD Feedburner

Since Feedburner Feedsmith stopped working i switched to this and is an excellent replacement.

Find Me On

Side bar widget to display icons and links to your social networking profiles.

Google XML Sitemaps

Site map generator with options to include Yahoo, Bing and the like, essential


FD Maintenance

Great little plugin it sticks your blog into maintenance mode while you do any major updates, there’s also different themes you can choose from and you can also exclude URLS letting readers etc access certain pages while in maintenance mode.

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

This is better than WordPress because it doesn’t kepp pinging everytime you change or edit an existing post and as a result your blog won’t end up getting banned for excessive pings, read more from the plugin link.

NextGEN Gallery

Good plugin especially if you have a lot of images

Theme My Login

I no longer use this plugin

Thesis OpenHook

As i have trouble understanding and implementing Thesis hooks this plugin is essential and would recommend it to anyone using Thesis.

Topsy Retweet Button

Out of other similar retweet plugins I like this this one because there’s plenty of options in the settings panel that suit me.

WP Optimize

Optimizes your database tables also enables you to delete post revisions and comments in your spam queue. I have just switched to this plugin i was previously using

Delete Revision

but it did just that and wasn’t able to take care of optimizing the database although it worked well for it’s purpose, i wasn’t happy managing the database manually so makes it is easier and quicker using WP Optimize.

WP Related Posts

Generates related and random posts through tags with plenty of options, for example set related posts to appear at the bottom of posts.

If you have time share what plugins you use or any recommendations, or even plugins to steer clear of.

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  1. Art of RetroCollage says:

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    I like Conditional Captcha,which only requests a captcha if it Akismet thinks a comment is spam. Then if offers to automatically trash any comment that doesn’t complete the captcha properly. So regular people aren’t bothered with a captcha request, and spammers are caught and eliminated. Nice

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    Steve, Thank you for this. I have printed it. It’s all Greek to me, but I am still learning. Wish you’d stayed with WordPress so I could pick your brain. I have “WordPress for Dummies,” but I am too dumb to understand most of it. My web designer selected WordPress for me, and he does come and work with me when I need him to do so, but I still think I am missing out on some things. Any suggestions for sites or books that might help me out.

    • stevebethere says:

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      Janet this post is out of date I have changed a lot of them now or not using them i will have to update it.

      I will still be using WordPress when I have changed my theme I usually look stuff up on the internet rather than use books it’s quicker and there’s loads of video’s on YouTube and tutorial sites to learn from, I will always help if I can although I’m not that up on it especially designing ๐Ÿ™‚