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  1. Meryl says:

    Visits here are always a blast!! Have a great week and thanks for the laughs and the hosting.

  2. Comedy Plus
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    That’s a clever way to do that. I like it.

    Have a terrific day Steve. 🙂
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  3. Wayne
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    Now that is funny!!!

  4. zongrik
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    that’s hyterical

  5. alissa apel
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    That is perfect for a plumber! LOL

  6. kristi
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    Love that. A fine use of butt crack for your fellow plumbers viewing pleasure! lol! Happy WW
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  7. Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook says:

    LOL, that is great. It’s perfect!
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  8. Ginger says:

    BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the giggles!!!
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  9. Self Sagacity
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    that looks so perfect, the way the shirt falls on his buns.

  10. always the funnies, good stop on Wednesdays.

  11. Robin says:

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  12. Paula J says:

    That’s very funny but there is NO cure for the grotesque plumbers crack lol.


  13. Thank you for the fun linky and pics.
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  14. Leovi says:

    Delicious pictures, very funny, a great cleavage. Greetings.

  15. Joyce
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    I don’t know if I’d quite call that a cure, but it’s pretty funny.
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  16. momto8blog says:

    the photos are definitely nicer to look at!

  17. you definitely crack me up. thanks for the great laughter Steve.:)

  18. Megan
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    So funny! But still so gross…not sure there will ever be a solution to that issue

  19. Rhonda@Laugh-Quotes
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    Ok, I am a bit slow today, I didn’t get it at first, but then I laughed. Happy WW!
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  20. Theresa
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    They should pass those out to every licensed plumer!

  21. Ai Sakura
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    They should have invented them earlier! ;p
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  22. Christy Ann
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    Lol love this!
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  23. Don E. Chute
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    Jeezus…he could loose some tools in that thing!

    Happy Trails and PLU from SSF
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  24. Caite says:

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  25. Amber says:

    That is hilarious! I need to get one for my boyfriend. Desperately.

  26. Maria @ LSS says:

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  27. natalie
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    bahahahaha… funny :))))

  28. Cafe au lait says:

    That’s too funny.
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  29. Presto-change-o…Crack = Cleavage! Wizard trick!

  30. It’s amazing what people come up! 🙂 Danica

  31. Melanie says:

    That is too funny!!! I love it!


  32. Unofficial Chart Blog
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    LMFAO – That has to be one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a long time.