WW ~ The Big Load

Completely wordless

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Wordless Wednesday

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30 Responses to “WW ~ The Big Load”

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  1. Comedy Plus
    Twitter ID:

    I think that’s way too much weight. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific WW. πŸ™‚
    Comedy Plus also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 64My Profile

  2. Mmmmmm . . . .I don’t think they used a big enough truck.

  3. mizhelle
    Twitter ID:

    awww wondering if the truck would be able to move with that load?! LOL!
    mizhelle also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 231 and Sepia Scene 83 365-110My Profile

  4. AussiePomm
    Twitter ID:

    I was, at first, wondering WHERE this was going… But in the end, it was such a SMALL load!!!

    Mines up as well at London Lady Beetles

    Have a great WW!!
    AussiePomm also recently posted..WW No 46 – London Lady BeetlesMy Profile

  5. amanda
    Twitter ID:

    Too funny! Must be one heavy package!

  6. It must be quite a precious cargo to be the only package on that truck! LOL!

    Happy WW!
    carol@simple_catholic also recently posted..Lollipop Making Fun!My Profile

  7. Colleen Dick
    Twitter ID:

    He’s got a black hole in that box. They are so heavy they have their own gravity.
    Colleen Dick also recently posted..Lack of Transparency 5 CommentsMy Profile

  8. Will says:

    Funny! Maybe it is an IMPORTANT load? Happy WW!
    Will also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 4-20-2011My Profile

  9. wow, you would think with the cost of gas they would have loaded that up a touch more. 0_o lol

  10. maybe he didn’t strap the rest of it down?
    thanks for stopping by. My WW and linky are up now πŸ™‚
    LearnCreateDo also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Create- a WIPMy Profile

  11. geni says:

    This Wednesdays weight is lost …… hihi
    geni also recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  12. Russ
    Twitter ID:

    I hope that truck doesn’t make any sharp turns. A top heavy load like that could cause him to flip over.LOL

  13. He probably started off with a thousand boxes but the driver drove through Peckham in London and the rest got stolen…
    William K Wallace also recently posted..Either Side of The Bridge – From London On Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  14. Con Artist Trickster
    Twitter ID:

    Or maybe, the box contains the remote control of the tank which is towed behind the truck. πŸ™‚
    Have a terrific WW!
    Con Artist Trickster also recently posted..Simone Bianchis Awesome Comic Sketches and Illustrations Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  15. Aleks
    Twitter ID:

    Haha, love it! That’s a great shot!
    Aleks also recently posted..WordlessWednesday – Organized or a Little OCDMy Profile

  16. Indrani
    Twitter ID:

    This a terrific capture.
    Indrani also recently posted..Wordless – 152My Profile

  17. Susan Adcox says:

    And to think that I feel guilty when I drive somewhere alone!
    Susan Adcox also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Sharp Dressed Little ManMy Profile

  18. Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook says:

    Great shot. LOL!

    Maybe that was the one box that didn’t fit on the OTHER truck?

  19. alicia
    Twitter ID:

    I do have to wonder what’s in the box…
    alicia also recently posted..WW- Snippets of SpringMy Profile

  20. Ha, ha! That’s funny! Must be pretty important! πŸ™‚
    Rosa @ Capture the Little Things also recently posted..WW- The OperationMy Profile

  21. Gee I hope they have a crane where ever he’s going to unload that big load!
    Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy also recently posted..Basketball- Bulls Playoffs 2011My Profile

  22. Anu @ New Trends
    Twitter ID:

    It must carry very important thing……. Hope I could see inside as well.. πŸ˜€
    Anu @ New Trends also recently posted..Mobile phone can be used with thoughts onlyMy Profile

  23. Too funny!
    Amy @ babybabylemon also recently posted..Cutting Out the CrapMy Profile

  24. Ummm….I hope he did some other deliverys!
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves also recently posted..Try to Bounce- Wednesday of Few Words linkyMy Profile

  25. kewkew
    Twitter ID:

    That is too funny. I don’t think I can think of anything to say that is not already in the comments.
    Thanks for linking up over at Tots and Me
    kewkew also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- April 20- 2011 w-linkyMy Profile

  26. papabear@kisahberuang.com
    Twitter ID:

    OK.. I was thinking of another kind of big load.. hehe..
    papabear@kisahberuang.com also recently posted..People Love FightingMy Profile

  27. Oh my ~ that’s pretty funny! Ya’d think the truck driver would be embarrassed to drive around with that big load! πŸ™‚
    Ollie McKay’s Chic Boutique also recently posted..An Amazing Beautiful WW!!!!!My Profile

  28. Lainy says:

    LOL! I can carry that one single handed, hahaha!