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    Goodness how is he going to get out of there!? =P #ww

    Merlinda Little recently posted..In And Around Bath AbbeyMy Profile

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    Ouch.. he must have fallen in from the top while climbing on it.. I also wonder how he will be able to get out without them cutting the metal to get him out.

    Dominique Goh recently posted..Highlights of September 2014My Profile

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    I just don’t….I don’t understand…how? LOL!

    April – My Bizarre Family recently posted..Faces On My Laptop – WWMy Profile

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    Not even going to hazard a guess!
    Hope your day rocks! πŸ™‚

    Create With Joy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Magellan’s New ToyMy Profile

  5. Rhonda Albom says:

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    Now, how did he do that. LOL – he deserves to be stuck πŸ™‚

    Rhonda Albom recently posted..52 People Set A New SUP World Record in Auckland, New ZealandMy Profile

  6. YAM says:

    Hari OM
    He deserves whatever gets thrown at him when the firemen arrive..!!! YAM xx

    YAM recently posted..TAKE TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE aMy Profile

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    I don’t even want to think about how on earth they managed to get him out of there.

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    OMG… People are just…
    Not my idea of having fun at the playground.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  9. Indrani says:

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    How did he manage to get in?
    Happy WW!

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    How awful and embarrassing!

    Christina Morley recently posted..Where’s Her Hair? And #WW #LinkyMy Profile

  11. David says:

    …wow! Happy WW

    David recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~10.01.14~My Profile

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    A glitch in the system set us back this morning but we are all good now :).

    Jay @craftyspices recently posted..Firefighter Wordless Wednesday Hop112My Profile

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    Im with Christina very embarrassing moment.

    Karren Haller recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Special Co-HostsMy Profile

  14. Meryl says:

    LOL…Oh the places you’ll go….

    Thanks for the laugh and the hosting. Have a great week.

    Meryl recently posted..About Lying…My Profile

  15. Rosey says:

    He’s taking up valuable play space πŸ˜‰ I jest, but I’m sure in real life that would not be one bit funny.

  16. Comedy Plus says:

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    Here Dude…hold my beer and watch this. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a fabulous day Steve. πŸ™‚

    Comedy Plus recently posted..InventivenessMy Profile

  17. Tiffany says:

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    What in the what what???

  18. Mystery Case says:

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    I wonder how this one ends.

  19. Freda Mans says:

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    Freda Mans recently posted..WordlessMy Profile

  20. Leovi says:

    Funny picture. As gotten there?

  21. Oh my! I wonder how long he was stuck there?

  22. aquariann says:

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    Perhaps he made Beetlejuice angry? ;D

    aquariann recently posted..WW: Chasing Butterflies at Elizabethan GardensMy Profile

  23. OMG that picture makes me feel so claustrophobic!

    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..52 WEEKS OF MEMORIES | 39 – A MOMENTMy Profile

  24. kristi says:

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    That is a tight fit. Better call the fire department. They’ll know what to do. lol

  25. Ai Sakura says:

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    but still I must ask.. how did he even get in??

    Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky}: Family Obento Ideas – Prawn Aglio Olio & Salad | Week 40My Profile

  26. Joyce says:

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    They should not have allowed him to eat all those chocolate bars when he got in the rings.

    Joyce recently posted..#WW : It’s PatMy Profile

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    the things adults will do to impress!

  28. how in the world did he get himself into this situation?

  29. alissa says:

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    What a rough situation he got himself in.

  30. Mary Denman says:

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    Really? How in the world?? So funny!!!!

  31. XmasDolly says:

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    Okay… come on now own up to it! That’s you isn’t it! bwahahahahahahaha Somebody get a bottle of Olive Oil we’re going to grease this sucker down! Grease is the word! bwahahahaha Soooo have a boilastic day, but don’t over do it!!! LOL

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    That had to have hurt….must have taken a solid half-hour of unscrewing to get the poor chap loose!

    Art of RetroCollage recently posted..The Ensign of CollageMy Profile

  33. Ileana says:

    He must be a little crazy to try this! Is he still ok? πŸ™‚

  34. Sue says:

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    two words – why? and how?

    Happy WW πŸ™‚

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    noooo…how can he get out?

  36. Angela says:

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    Oh my…photographic evidence that common sense isn’t all so common?

  37. And we just know this lark will end with a call for assistance, don’t we? Sirens and helicopters will descend. Butter will be applied liberally. There’s talk about the possibility of IQ levels dropping by the minute. This is a fine Exhibit A in the argument…

    As ever, you deliver a welcome smile. Cheers!

  38. Echo says:

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    How the…
    Who would…
    Why would…

    I give up, LOL!

    Echo recently posted..All Dolled Up With eShakti!My Profile

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    Hilarious. Watching him get out would make an incredible YouTube video πŸ˜‰

    Crys Wiltshire recently posted..#WordlessWednesday: 6 months old already!?My Profile

  40. posh says:

    I bet that guys wife took that picture. Wonder if they are still together…..

  41. Star Traci says:

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    OH MY GOODNESS! No words…

    Star Traci recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #106 β€” A Night ViewMy Profile

  42. Verena says:

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    Lol how did he get in there? This is so funny!
    Happy WW!

  43. Feed Me Dearly says:

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    LOL! But… why?!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    Feed Me Dearly recently posted..Heaven Hill FarmMy Profile

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    Whoops, haha, who I should not laugh!! how? ekk! why!!

    I am so missing WW!!!

  45. Janice says:

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    Holy cow! (pun intended)

    Janice recently posted..#WW :: Marriage SupportMy Profile

  46. Binky says:

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    Maybe he was caught in a tornado.

    Binky recently posted..Buying BlissMy Profile