WW On A Tuesday – Entirely Wordless

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Wordless Wednesday

b2d Wordless Wednesday

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46 Responses to “WW On A Tuesday – Entirely Wordless”

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  1. Rhonda Albom
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    LOL – That one needs no words. Hilarious.
    Rhonda Albom also recently posted..Photo Tour of the Gothic Monastery in Alcobaca PortugalMy Profile

  2. I believe in equal opportunity. Next week show her shoveling so the shark can get him! Ha ha!

  3. Comedy Plus
    Twitter ID:

    A marriage made in heaven. How sweet.

    Have a tittertastic Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday. πŸ™‚
    Comedy Plus also recently posted..Feline FridayMy Profile

  4. mimi says:

    She’ll never know what happened!
    mimi also recently posted..Awww Monday: NappingMy Profile

  5. Patrick Weseman
    Twitter ID:

    Now, that is really funny. Thanks for making me laugh.
    Patrick Weseman also recently posted..The 50th California international Antiquarian Book FairMy Profile

  6. Indrani
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    Ha ha that is some idea πŸ˜€
    Happy. WW!
    Indrani also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – 413My Profile

  7. Bad boy! What a strange mushroom-like umbrella.

  8. Kathe W. says:

    Bwa hahahah Have a stellar day!
    Kathe W. also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday! March 1, 2017My Profile

  9. Alissa Apel
    Twitter ID:

    Watch out lady! The shark is going to get you!

  10. Jeanna says:

    That’s pretty old school, pal, I love it. Have a sharktastic week, Steve.

  11. Christina Morley
    Twitter ID:

    I guess she’s not well liked! πŸ˜€
    Thanks for hosting!
    Christina Morley also recently posted..9th Birthday with LinkyMy Profile

  12. Shannon
    Twitter ID:

    So funny! This is my first time here! Hi everyone!
    Shannon also recently posted..Mama Wisdom 001- Be Who Ya Wanna BeMy Profile

  13. Carol
    Twitter ID:

    You’re so funny!

  14. Cathy Kennedy
    Twitter ID:


    Thanks for the giggles! I missed you on the dance floor Monday. I hope all is well on your end. Have a great day and keep on smiling! πŸ™‚
    Cathy Kennedy also recently posted..Love Me Tender #WW An Italian Vs a Frenchman in #BoTBMy Profile

  15. Shilpa
    Twitter ID:

    Hahaha.. its funny!

  16. Magnus says:

    Hahaha πŸ™‚

  17. Marie Moody
    Twitter ID:

    bwahahahahaha you’re bad!!! Thanks for sharin’ my friend!!! Where do you find these cartoons? LOL Have a great week!!! Bless you and I hope you’re taking care of your health… may the Lord keep you healthy my friend cuz you got to stick around & keep me laughing… bwahahahaha hugs

  18. Star Traci
    Twitter ID:

    Now that’s a plan!
    Star Traci also recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – This is Ten!My Profile

  19. Thanks for the laugh! Good one! : )
    Charles (Impulsive Artistry) also recently posted..“Tempest,” Acrylic Painting + Video!My Profile

  20. indah nuria
    Twitter ID:

    oh my ..I don’t want to have a bite πŸ™‚

  21. Lux G.
    Twitter ID:

    Hahahaha! Now that’s just genius—if at all possible.
    Lux G. also recently posted..OPPO F1s: Summer DestinationMy Profile

  22. kid can doodle
    Twitter ID:

    Lookout! I’m sure there’s a few spouses who’ve had this wish. cheers, kcd