52 Responses to “WW On A Tuesday – LQQKING Sheepish”

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  1. Rhonda Albom says:

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    That’s so baaaad.

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    Baa! I can’t think of anything brilliant to say πŸ˜‰ Have a great week! cheers

  3. Rosey says:

    Wishing you the same. πŸ™‚

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    Are ewe sure that is not a wolf in sheeps clothing??
    Looks raaaaather lumpy!!!

    Thanks for baaaaaaring!!

    – Lisa

  5. Ellen Pilch says:

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    That is cute πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting!

  6. Kathe W. says:

    Some folks think puns are baaad jokes….but I think they are hilarious!

  7. That’s a very rectangular looking animal.
    Here’s hoping the “Ewe” have a four square day.

  8. Aquariann says:

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    They call him Mr. Boombaaastic. ;D

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    Happy Wednesday to you as well!

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    Too sheepish to say much – but have a great day!

  11. alissa apel says:

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    Such a looooong sheep. It looks pretty cooool though.

  12. Comedy Plus says:

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    There is something wrong with that body, but you have a baarillant WW on a Tuesday too, Steve. πŸ™‚

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    That put a huge smile on my face. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  14. Forget it Steveo. It won’t work


    • stevebethere says:

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      The blog you had before you started the one that broke that looked similar is this one below

      and it works fine all you need to do is log in to it and do your future posts in that one it works fine i just made sure

      Click on it and see

      • I found our that blogspot is no longer around. I did everything that you asked me, thank you for trying but It just seems that Cruisin Paul has gone into heaven. Thank goodness at least I can still get into your blog. You haven’t lost me yet Steveo .
        See ya for now my friend.

        Cruisin Paul

  15. try this one


    The top will be the one that I just wrote

    Let me know.


  16. Well Steveo, it’s not a baaaarilliant for my blog. I can’t seem to get anyone to assist me with getting rid of these widgets. What the hell is a widget? I’ve never seen this before and how in the hell did it get into my blog?
    Oh well, thank God, I get into your blog and all of my friends. I’ll still be able to say hi to all of you. See ya my friend. Have a great baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa Tuesday.

    Cruisin Paul

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    We have an artist in South Africa, Ann Gadd, who does an entire series of “Baa” and “Ewe” jokes like, “Wine a bit and Ewe will feel better,” “Wine Menewe,” and “The Wine Baa.” We own one of her illustrated books. πŸ˜€

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    I feel all warm and fuzzy from the nice post ewe wrote . My day was certainly fun wool it lasted, and your picture sheared me up.

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    Baaaah I raised a lamb when I was a kid, his name was Joey!
    Have a great week!

  20. Veronica Lee says:

    Ewe are too funny, Steve!


  21. messymimi says:

    Not baaaad looking at all. Heeheehee!

  22. Jeanna says:

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    That’s one lumpy sheep. Have a baaad ass week, Steve.

  23. Lydia C. Lee says:

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    Hope you have one too!