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  1. Sandee says:

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    Bwahahahahahahahaha. Good one, Steve.

    Have a fabulous WW on a Tuesday. πŸ™‚

  2. Lydia C. Lee says:

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    hehehe. No singing! No dancing! How do you solve a problem like Maria????

  3. Pat says:

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    Hope your virus counts will go down and your country will be able to open again soon!

  4. Brian Frum says:

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    HA! The Hills Have Eyes!

  5. Veronica Lee says:

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    Maria makes me laugh, hahahahaha!

    So can she still climb ev’ry mountain, ford ev’ry stream, follow ev’ry rainbow ’til she finds her dream??

    Happy Tuesday, Steve!

    • Steve says:

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      LOL Not while there’s a pandemic on haha! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for singing by Veronica, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

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    Wow – is nothing sacred?
    Have a fabulous week Steve!

  7. Zina says:

    Looking at the picture you posted, I first smiled, then I felt like crying …

    • Steve says:

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      At least it hasn’t stop Maria singing on the hills heheh! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for singing by Zina, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

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    I think being in the hills (and all that fresh air) is one of the safest places to be right now. πŸ˜€
    Thanks for hosting!

    • Steve says:

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      Sadly there’s no hills like that here in my area of central London πŸ™

      Thanks for singing by Christina, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

  9. Clapham Common’s looking nice these days!

    • Steve says:

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      I had sheduled this post two weeks ago what a coincidence now with Clapham Common heheh!

      Thanks for singing by, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

  10. Scary! She looks like a child.

    • Steve says:

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      Well it’s Julie Andrews and she sposed to be indoors cos of lockdown 😯

      Thanks for singing by Colleen, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

  11. I hated this movie but it looks nice right now. LOL

    Have a great day Steveo.

    Cruisin Paul

  12. Cathy says:

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    Well she’s only got herself to blame – those hills are definitely not in her neighbourhood.

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    You cannot hear me, but I am laughing very heartily at this one! I think I may have to steal it!

  14. Ella says:

    I’m singin’ in the rain
    Just singin’ in the rain …
    This one is allowed? LOL

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    That is so very funny. Love it. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Poor Julie Andrews. She shouldn’t been around all those Von Trapp children in a pandemic.

  17. “Officer, I swear it’s not me! It’s the hills, they’re alive!”

  18. messymimi says:

    Oh, dear! Gives a whole new meaning to the movie.

    • Steve says:

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      LOL See Julie (were on 1st name terms) does break the law occasionally 😯

      Thanks for singing by mimi, have a vontrapptastic safe week 😷😷😷

  19. Should have stayed local and worn a mask!

  20. Madison says:

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    Oh my goodness! That is terrible. Mom is glad she is no longer living in Europe as the restrictions are so much worse. We are getting lots more freedom here, thankfully.

  21. Ellen Pilch says:

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    Thanks for the chuckle- and for hosting. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  22. Catscue says:

    Too funny! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  23. junie-jesh says:

    Feel sorry for anyone in lockdown. Even though we are officially back to normal, we discovered her in Texas that county managers can hang on to it (the first suit was filed this week against Austin) – sigh – some people are obsessed with fear.

  24. Thanks for the chuckle, particularly today.

  25. Kathe W. says:

    Laughing my leprechaun socks off! Too darn clever!

  26. deb says:

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    Ditto on the lockdown πŸ™

    Too funny, no where to even escape the cabin fever – not even in the hills!


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    Boy this week got away from me, new company website and MRI and life, thought I would stop by and share my party. I dont think I have missed your party, in forever.
    Stay well and healthy!

  28. Suzana says:

    I entered with a small delay!
    It’s a small mistery there, besides the bigger one: the numbers of blue gloves! Not enough!😊
    Happy Today and a fabulous weekend!

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    You have the right to remain silent. Anything you sing can be used against you in court.