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  1. Comedy Plus says:

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    Sad isn’t it. We’re alone for the most part.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. BeadedTail says:

    Boy, that’s sure true! Computers have been a great way to connect to others but also a way to retreat from others. But see, we’re connecting with you! 🙂

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    And here I thought that the new “Era” was more versatile… LOL

    Thanks for sharing and you have a wonderful week!

  4. Rhonda Albom says:

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    Sadly, that is the way it is these days.

  5. Karren Haller says:

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    Where do we go from here?

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    That is so true. Everything can be done on the computer these days.

  7. YAM says:

    Hari OM
    …I would laugh…but… YAM xx

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    That is so me! I never get up of my chair when I am in front of the pc cuz everything is just there =P

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    So, uh… what are you trying to say exactly? LOL

  10. All too true these days. But as the mother of a teenager, I am incredibly thankful for headphones!

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    I’ve done at least 1 of those, I admit. It’s a shame. We need to get outside when it’s nice out.

  12. Joyce says:

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    True, but in the old days, I wouldn’t know you at all.

  13. David says:

    Sad, but true most of the times! Happy WW (as I sit in front of my PC).

  14. Parent Club says:

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    So true!

  15. Patricia says:

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    Sad, isn’t it. We work so hard to go nowhere, do nothing and see nothing….. except your great post each week..lol!
    I guess it’s all about balance. 😉

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    You are right and that is a sad commentary about society!

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    that just makes me downright sad…..

  18. It’s a shame that these young people have no idea whats out there to enjoy. They just seem to want to stick their noses in their machines. I often wonder what this world will come to unless the young people put their machines down and enjoy life. Thanks stevebethere. You’ve hit it on the nail without a hammer. Ha,ha,ha. Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  19. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Mag says:

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    That is so true! Thanks for hosting. Have a terrific week!

  20. stephanie@stephsjoy says:

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    so true!

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    Too true. We often schedule screen free time in our house. It certainly makes life more interesting.

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    Isn’t that the truth? And I need to break this computer trend a bit over the summer….in most of those areas! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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    Funny but true! 😀

  24. Aquariann says:

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    Ha! How bad is it that I work at a newspaper and have rarely ever sat down to read one?

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    So true – such signs of the time!
    Happy WW – be sure to check out the Bridges Of Paris Giveaway – it’s international and I think you might enjoy it! 🙂

  26. Alissa Apel says:

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    That is what it’s really like now.

  27. Mary Denman says:

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    “Oh, teenagers today. . . . .” As we all sit looking at the screen, typing a witty response. . . . .


  28. Leovi says:

    Yes, now everything has been simplified to the computer … and the smartphone!

  29. Ai Sakura says:

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    Sadly {?}, all can be done on just our mobile phones too!

  30. Sue says:

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    I wish we didn’t rely on them so much – happy computering anyway lol 🙂

  31. Indrani says:

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    Technology has improved but lifestyle has deteriorated.
    Happy WW!

  32. Colleen says:

    We are becoming as boring as my photo today.

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    Oh…my…cod….SO TRUE!!!

  34. XmasDolly says:

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    Ain’t that the bloody truth!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if my grandchildren had to go outside and looked up and pointed to the sun and said, “What’s that?” They talk with their friends on-line I wonder if they know what they look like hmmmm!!! Oh well, imagination is a wonderful and I imagine you tall dark and handsome….. am I right??????????? Have a daydream on me!!!! 🙂

  35. Anita Lim says:

    Very true! However, I still enjoy going to the cinema, talking to friends on the phone & curling up with a book listening to music. Wishing you a happy WW 🙂

  36. lana says:

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    so sad and true!

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    Once upon a time, really not so long ago, boys and girls had a variety of cool things to do (see above “Old Days”) bounding with zeal and energy in all that they did, but then came the technology boom. Out went the old and in with the new. Today boys and girls are dull and lifeless like Zombies glued to a screen (as pictured above “Now”). I think it’s time to get unplugged. Thank God the weekend is coming! lol This would be funny, if it weren’t so true, Steve. 😀 Have a funtastic week!

  38. Stephanie says:

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    So true!

  39. Happy to say we still gather round one tv here and argue about what to watch…

    Hold on to what you can! (:

  40. Rosey says:

    Well when you put it that way I don’t know if progressing or regressing. 😉

  41. Ashleigh says:

    Happy Wednesday and thank you for hosting this great link up! Also, thanks for linking up with the OMHG WW!!! Have a great week! xx Ashleigh Co-Host @ OMHG WW

  42. Claire says:

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    Haha, so true!! I miss the record players. I use to love buying records ..

    Thanks for hosting, stopping by and the RT’s 🙂

  43. Leovi says:

    Thank you very much!

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    Too funny (and so true)! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  45. kristi says:

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    That’s me right now! lol My kids are in the other room and I am just about to watch the “tele” on my laptop! If ya can’t beat ’em join ’em. My comments on my WW post were turned off by accident. I’ve since fixed that……sorry if you stopped by and tried to leave a comment. If you didn’t, why the hell not? lol just kidding. Have a great week!!!

  46. Cathi says:

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    Oh so true!! Even my grandkids are techy. They’re learning in school!!
    Happy WW!

  47. Rorybore says:

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    I definitely miss the sound of vinyl! Some music still needs to be heard from a record. I’ve started collecting some old 45s that I find in antique stores. Still need to hunt down a player.

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    I miss the good old days…as much as I enjoy the convenience of the gadgets, I really miss the real vibe 🙂

  49. environment day says:

    i feel lonely now days 🙁