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  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

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    Our school principal used to tell us all to watch our children because our phones and cameras obscured our faces and the kids wanted to see our smiles….

  2. mimi says:

    Or the dads would gather in one spot with those old video cameras!

  3. Comedy Plus says:

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    Bwahahahahahaha. Oh wait, sometimes that’s not such a good thing.

    Have a phonetastic WW on Tuesday. πŸ™‚

  4. Rhonda says:

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    Who can watch live when all the bright iPads are in the way?

  5. Keith's Ramblings says:

    A social comment in a picture!

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  6. Oh for the old days. The first thing my grandchildren do is sit down and start with the their electronic toys. I really hate these things. I don’t even own a cell phone. Oh well I guess I’m really old.

    Have a cool day Steveo. See ya my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

    • stevebethere says:

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      I know what you mean I hate it when people visit and sit looking at their phones, although I must say I wouldn’t do without mine they replace so many things these days heheh!

      PS: I edited your URL πŸ™‚

  7. Aquariann says:

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    Welcome back! It is amazing how much technology has changed since I was a kid. But they promised me flying cars, and that still hasn’t happened. πŸ˜›

  8. Karren Haller says:

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    WIshing you continued good health!
    Have a great week!

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    So true! πŸ˜€
    Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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    It’s really a pity that Watching a show is now like that

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    This can also apply to conferences or even work meetings.
    We are being invaded by phones and tablets πŸ™‚

    Have a great Tuesday!

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    LOL. That is so true in this day and age.

  13. Kristi says:

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    So true. I see it every time I go to one on my kid’s performances. πŸ™‚

  14. Claire says:

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    Haha!! that’s about right nowdays!!

    Thanks for hosting Steve, hope you are feeling much better πŸ™‚

  15. Alissa Apel says:

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    I’m actually a person that gets out my camera. I have an iPhone, but my camera still takes better distance photos. πŸ˜‰

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    Yep that’s how it is a lot of times lol.

  17. Mary Denman says:

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    Now you get to video everyone else’s iPad recording the event!

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  18. Joyce Lansky says:

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    Times have changed.

  19. Indrani says:

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    I too miss those days. Good to see you again Steve.
    Happy WW!

  20. colleen says:

    At first I thought they were chalkboards. Dating myself!

  21. Jeanna says:

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    I member!

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    But didn’t people still use regular cameras back then? Though I do think it’s funny when sometimes we end up watching things through the smartphone or ipad β€” like fireworks!

  23. indah nuria says:

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    my bad! I just can’t help it..but I usually take one or two pictures and that’s it :). Promise..

  24. Now we’re so busy recording the play on our phones so we can post it on Facebook that we have no idea what the play was about. The worst part is that we don’t even bother to watch our full recording of the event. Oh well…

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    Ah the good ole days… when we took hundreds of pics instead… but you know, that doesn’t count… ; ) lol.

    Have a fantastic week!

  26. stephanie jefferson says:

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    Too true! Glad to see you are back online! Hope you are much better!