X-Factor – Judges Should Put The Contestants First

Lasts nights X-Factor and Simon Cowell’s decision to go to deadlock leaving it to the public vote it seemed either a cop out or he knew full well that Lucie Jones would be voted off so not to be seen supporting the twins after all this time bleating on about how John & Edward can’t sing or dance and are horrors etc.

The judges remind us nearly every week it is a singing competition seems the papers were right all the time that he supported the twins from the start, it was blatently clear from last nights sing off that Lucie Jones was 10 times better than the twins it seems either he forgot it was a singing competition or he deliberately got rid of the better singer to lessen the threat of his own 3 singers giving him more chance of one of his group winning.

And there was me thinking it was all about the contestants not about what judge wins.

It wouldn’t suprise me if this backfires on him and 2 of his acts end up in the bottom 2 next week, i think his decision last night will lose him any credibility with a lot of the shows viewers.

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  1. Misterbump says:

    There are lots of fans who have set up a page on facebook saying that after his performance last night that they are going to boycott the show from now on, let see if the viewing figures reflect that?
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    • steve says:

      It wouldn’t suprise me if its another publicity stunt but if it is its a shame its at Lucies expense.