WW – What Politicians Lack

Wordless Wednesday

Midly adult

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:shock: What politicians lack....say no more :shock:

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    I rather not get into the discussion about Politics thank you! Smiles.

  2. Paula J says:

    True! And he’s got quite a set lol!

  3. claire says:

    Lol ,thanks for hosting 🙂

  4. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    PMFSLMFAO – and a lot of politicians need what that monkey has

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    As my granddaughter is fond of saying, OMG!

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    love how he is laying on a piece of paper, not dirt or grass

  7. SavingwithSaveOne says:

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    Wow, that’s a trip LOL

  8. Comedy Plus says:

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    That’s the truth. Bwahahahahahaha. Wait, why am I laughing?

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

  9. Jottings From Jersey says:

    Looks like my father in law. Oops did I type that? LOL

  10. MOW - linky says:

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    He’s laying on paper to protect the jewels. lol

  11. He could pass for a very hairy guy. 🙂

  12. Petro Neagu says:

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    I’m not a prude so I’d like to say (well…write): AWESOME!!!
    Although this dude might need a bit of an adjustment on the same department, one level up 🙂


  13. Wayne says:

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    What an interesting picture…very funny caption.

  14. Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook says:

    That’s some pair!

  15. Meryl says:

    LOL…ain’t it the truth… Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  16. Jeanna says:

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    Yup. What is it with monkey pics today. My cuz just posted one on my wall.

  17. Joyce says:

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    Actually, I’d have to disagree. I think it takes a lot of big balls to go into politics these days.

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    LOL! Thanks for hosting!

  19. *snickers* true and not just in that field… LOL

  20. Ai Sakura says:

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    Oh dear…. :p

  21. Dave Keller @ Dave's Life says:

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    Ha ha, I always enjoy your posts, Steve! He should run for office!

  22. Stacey at RealWorldMom (Linky) says:

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    LMAO! Perfect!

    Happy WW!

  23. Indrani says:

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    Mine is a monkey pic too.
    This one is funny indeed.

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    Still pushin’ the envelope, I see…as are “other things.” LOL

  25. jessica @peekababy says:

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    That cannot be unseen. oy 😉

  26. CountryDew says:

    A great laugh for the start of the day!

  27. Allison says:

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    OMG, LOL.

  28. Vicky says:

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    LOL 🙂

  29. Kate ~ Truth FreedomLove says:

    I have no words to express how frightfully large those are! 😉

  30. Cafe au lait says:

    Lol. I’m totally wordless!

  31. Xmasdolly says:

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    Today’s my 3rd Blogaversary and my birthday! Yeah I’m 39 AGAIN! hehehe I’m not getting presents I”m giving. Come see my Gala Give-Away! Right below this one is my Wordless Wednesday too and I’m working on two more give-aways! So come enjoy the fun if you can!

  32. Will says:

    Yikes. Advertising to the lady chimps? Happy WW!